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You want to feel comfortable when you fall asleep at night on a bed that smells good, right? But what if your mattress is old and mouldy? What if your mattress emits a foul odour or has unpleasant stains?  Do you know that if you don’t often clean your mattress, it might become a breeding ground for mould, disease-causing bacteria, and perhaps even dust mites? You probably change your bed sheets every few months. However, it is not enough to prevent fine airborne particles to penetrate through the sheets and accumulating on your mattress.

So instead of putting your health in jeopardy, give Sharp Mattress Cleaning a call and get your mattress cleaned effectively and quickly. Instead of purchasing a new mattress, give your old one a fresh start by hiring our experienced mattress cleaning Ingliston professionals. Since treating your mattress on a domestic level is not just challenging but also time-consuming, our skilled professionals will take care of your mattress with utmost care.

When you book our mattress cleaning Ingliston service, our qualified professionals will arrive at your premises and conduct a thorough assessment of your property. Following this, they will create a customised cleaning approach to thoroughly clean your mattress in minimal downtime.


If you are troubled with skin issues, breathing difficulties, rhinitis or musty smelling mattress, give Sharp Cleaning Mattress a call today and book our effective yet affordable mattress cleaning Ingliston service,


Cleaning the mattress should be one of the top priorities on your cleaning to-do list. Don’t disregard cleaning your mattresses because there are several benefits to doing so. Here are several reasons why you should consider getting your mattress professionally cleaned:


Every night while we sleep in our bed, we add an estimated 1,500,000 dead skin cells to it. Can you imagine how dirty our mattress would get in only 1-2 weeks, considering the airborne dust and other contaminants? As a reason, it’s a wise decision to hire professional mattress cleaning Ingliston services to completely remove debris and dead skin flakes in addition to regular vacuuming your bed once a week.


Those with skin conditions would eventually start to itch in their own beds. This is caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust mites, dead skin cells, and other detritus on the mattress. Regular mattress cleaning Ingliston service might assist in getting rid of these impurities and lower the risk of skin discomfort.


You will find it easier to sleep peacefully at night knowing that your bed has been thoroughly cleaned of any imperfections that may have gathered knowing that your bedding is free of filth and dust and is completely safe for both you and your loved ones. Your mental health will benefit from knowing that you can sleep well in a tidy environment.


Sharp Mattress Cleaning has been in the business for ten years and has developed an effective mattress-cleaning technique that gives the best results without relying on harsh chemicals or detergents.


Before beginning the cleaning procedure, our professionals will thoroughly inspect your mattress to design a customised plan that best meets your needs.


This eliminates any loose debris, dirt, pollens or dust mites from the surface of your mattress. It also removes pet hair and other irritants that may collect if you have pets.


We utilise industry-leading stain remover formulations and emulsion cleansers after vacuuming to handle any unclean areas or stains.


After that, our experts conduct steam cleaning with hot water extraction. This permits dirt and germs to be eliminated from the fibres.


Finally, we let the mattress air dry entirely in a well-ventilated place. This inhibits the formation of mould or mildew.


Following the steps mentioned above, our skilled professionals assess your mattress to ensure that all problems are properly addressed and that there is no room left for further issues.

If you wish to keep yourself and your loved ones from allergies all the while prolonging the durability of your mattress, then contact Sharp Mattress Cleaning today.


Sharp Mattress Cleaning is a leading mattress cleaning Ingliston service provider. We offer one of the most effective yet affordable mattress-cleaning services to Ingliston’s residential and commercial sectors. Listed below are a few reasons that make us stand apart from the crowd:

List Icon  24*7 mattress cleaning services available

List Icon  10+ years of experience

List Icon  Access to advanced mattress cleaning technology

List Icon  Thorough sanitisation & deodorisation

List Icon Prompt Customer response


Mattress cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle anymore. And you should not have to worry about such trivial tasks. You can reach out to Sharp Mattress Cleaning and book our reliable Same Day or Emergency Mattress Cleaning Ingliston services. We offer top-notch same-day services to both residential and commercial properties across Ingliston at no extra costs. Call us today to learn more.


Why spend thousands of dollars on a new mattress when you get your old one to look brand new? Call us today to restore the glory of your mattress.



According to the recommended servicing frequency, a mattress must be cleaned twice a year. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or skin conditions, consider having your mattress cleaned at the start of each season.


Conventional household vacuums cannot get rid of all the harmful material and extremely tenacious dust mites that are firmly embedded in the mattress. Moreover, these vacuums do not utilize the important sanitising components of the cleaning solutions, which are necessary for effective sanitising.


Only 1-2 hours are needed for the cleaning chemicals we use to depart from the mattress. Although it is not necessary, airing out the area may speed up the drying of your mattress. You may use your bed right after it is entirely dry.


The total cost of mattress cleaning service varies from company to company and also depends on factors including the size of your mattress, the structure and the type of cleaning required. However, we offer exceptional mattress cleaning services at budget-friendly rates. Call us to book now.


Yes, without a doubt. Older mattresses will have considerably greater concentrations of bacteria, germs, dead skin, fungus spores, dust mites, and debris. However, our mattress cleaning method is quite powerful and will restore their cleanliness and freshness in no time.


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